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Process Engineer

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2020 - 2018

Project Partner

  • Design of Energy Management Decision Making System for Khangiran gas refinery

Employer : Roham knowledge enterprise in extracurricular activities Center of Ferdowsi University
Contractor : Shahid Hasheminejad Gas Processing Company*
* One of the largest Gas refinery in Iran with capacity of 17 billion cubic meter gas per year
Duties as a first colleague position in project:
– Simulate and modeling Sulphur Recovery Units (Claus )
– Simulate Condensate Distillation Units
– Simulate Condensate Stabilization Units
– Simulate Sour Water Recovery Unit
– Design optimization system for fuel pipelines in above units
Result : 5-8 % energy saving in refinery (equivalent to 20 million cubic meter gas per year)*
*Note: One of the most successful research project in Ferdowsi University of Mashhad with certification from
Khangiran gas refinery (Patent for this Decision Making System is in preparation). Date: Jun 2018-Jan 2020

This research project contract is concluded between University of Bojnord and Khorasan Petrochemical Co. to find the cause of pipeline rupture after heat exchangers
Duties as a second colleague position in project:
– Simulate design and operating condition of 2 special heat exchangers (non TEMA type) after
secondary reformer in ammonia process
– Propose best flow distribution for flow stream outputs based on current condition. Date: Nov 2018-Dec 2019

x2018 - Present​

Process Engineer

Do research project in PART Engineering & Design Co. (PEDCO)
Do research project in PEDCO such as:
– Modeling primary Steam Methane Reformer of Khorasan Petrochemical Co. in MATLAB
– Simulate storage system and design control structure for producing experimental Asprin
– Optimize butadiene distillation towers of Jam Petrochemical Co.



Apprenticeship of Bachelor degree in Jam Petrochemical Co. (Largest Petrochemical Co. in Iran).
In Olefin Units, Control Units and Storage units, Asaluyeh, Iran. Date: Jun 2018-Aug 2018

Awards & Honors

  • Ranked 1st in GPA among M.Sc. Students of chemical engineering, Ferdowsi University, Mashhad, Iran, 2020
  • Received extracurricular project certification from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad for cooperation in Research project, Jan, 2020
  • Received extracurricular project certification from University of Bojnord for cooperation in Research project, Nov, 2019
  • Founder board of PART Engineering Design Co. (PEDCO), 2016
  • Ranked within the Top 2% in Iranian University Entrance Exam of Chemical Engineering For master degree, 2018
  • Received national graduate full scholarship from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, 2018
  • Ranked within the Top 2% in Iranian University Entrance Exam of Mathematic and Physics For bachelor degree, 2014


  •  Zarandi, M.; Panahi, M.; Rafiee, A. Process simulation of a natural gas to liquids (GTL) process with fixed-bed tubular reactor for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis with variable chain growth factor for products distribution. Industrial & engineering chemistry research.(Abstract) 2020. ( Revised )
  • Zarandi, M.; Panahi, M.; Skogestad, S. Application of Plantwide Regulatory Control for a Natural Gas to Liquids Process. Industrial & engineering chemistry research.(Introduction) (expected submit date in May 2020)
  • Zarandi, M.; Namazi Rad, S. Investigation on application of nanotechnology in the lithium and electrokinetic-mechanical batteries. 5th National Conference on Chemical, Petrochemical Nanotechnology


English : Fluent
IELTS test : Overall Band Score : 7. L: 7.5 – R: 7 – W: 6.5 – S: 7 Date: 11/Jan/2020
Persian: Native


Sep 2018-Aug 2020 (expected)

Master of Science | Simulation-Modeling-Control

Ferdowsi University, Mashhad, Iran (Third comprehensive University of Iran)(CWTS leiden ranking)
CGPA: 4/4 (mean average 18.80/20)
Thesis title: Integration of Biomass to liquid (BTL) and Gas to Liquid (GTL) plants
Supervisor: Dr. Mehdi Panahi

Sep 2014-Aug 2018

Bachelor of Science | Chemical Engineering

Ferdowsi University, Mashhad, Iran (Third comprehensive University of Iran)(CWTS leiden ranking)
CGPA: 3.55/4 (mean average 16.9/20) – CGPA in last 2 years: 3.81/4 (17.97/20)
Supervisor: Dr. Mehdi Panahi


Design Expert
AspenONE (Aspen Plus, Hysys, Dynamics, Custom Modeler, ...)
COMSOL Multyphysics
Microsoft Office
Adobe Photoshop

Research Interests

– Simulation and Modeling of Chemical Systems
– Process Control and Plantwide
– Process design of Biomass Systems
– Optimization
– Machine Learning-Deep Learning

Selected courses and projects


Plantwide of chemical process (19.8/20)
– Designing Inventory and regulatory control structure for a chemical plant (GTL plant) based
On different proposed control structure methods of prof. William L. Luyben and sigurd
Skogestad (self optimizing control)
– Nonlinear control system (18.5/20)
– Simulate and modeling nonlinear controller design for different inventories such as reactors
And tanks with MATLAB (Applied Nonlinear Control Book by E. Slotine)
– Modeling and Simulation(20/20)
– Modeling chemical process ( fermentation and biomass) with PDE equations and programming
graphical interface for them


– Plant design and economics(18.55/20)
– Economic analysis for a chemical unit (Acid gas cleaning)
– Environment Engineering (18.5/20)


Dr. Mohammad Ali Fanaei


Dr. Seyed Mahmoud Mousavi

Dr. Mehdi Panahi


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